Purit™ Remuv-It Powder

Purit™ Remuv-It Powder
Purit™ Remuv-it Powder High Performance Tarter and Stain Remover for use on removable dental prostheses such as Dentures, Partials and Bridges
  • Specifically designed for dental use
  • Professional Strength Cleaner
  • Brightens and shines all stainless steel as well as partials
  • Safe for porcelain, metals, rubber, plastics and glass
  • Ammonia-free, biodegradable, non-corrosive
Purit™ Remuv-it high performance tartar and stain remover. Box contains 24 packets.

Directions for Use:

  1. Fill beaker with 400 mL warm water and empty packet into beaker
  2. Fully submerge item to be cleaned in solution
  3. Insert beaker into an ultrasonic cleaning unit
  4. Cleaning time is 1-5 minutes depending on stain and amount of debris
  5. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse item with water
  6. Dispose of solution after use
  7. Follow remaining instructions on product label

Purit Remuv-It Powder SDS

Purit Remuv-It Powder SDS