EZ 1-2-3™ Atomizer

$72.01 MSRP | Item #

The EZ 1-2-3™ Atomizer is an aspirating delivery system for Vacusol™ Neutral or NeutraVAC® solutions. This system is designed to create a voluminous mixture to ensure 360 degrees of contact within evacuation tubing.

It’s Just That EZ.

Discover how effortless it is to use the EZ 1-2-3™ Atomizer. Mix solution and attach the vacuum lines onto the lid’s built-in adapters. Once connected, the Atomizer aspirates cleaner through the vacuum lines, and the graduated tubing acts as a self-regulating shut-off to effectively manage the solution intake for up to three operatories.

Key Features: 

  • Reduce set up time by mixing once and cleaning up to three operatories
  • Less parts, less mess with convenient built-in adapters
  • Eliminate waste with tubing that regulates solution intake
  • Ease of portability with durable handle and sealed lid to minimize spillage
  • Gentle on your pump – the Atomizer aspirates mist through vacuum lines for a complete clean, dislodging debris

Let Biotrol’s EZ 1-2-3™ Atomizer Evacuation System do the work for you.