Vacusol™ Neutral

Vacusol™ Neutral

Vacusol™ Neutral is a concentrated liquid cleaner that removes both synthetic debris and proteinaceous deposits from dental evacuation lines. The combined EDTA and Sodium Meta Silicate in Vacusol™ Neutral breaks down and loosens debris including amalgam and fluoride gel. It works to increase flow through dental tubing and reduces overall stress on the evacuation system.

  • Special chelating formula strips and cleans organic and inorganic debris from vacuum lines
  • Anti-corrosive, non-acidic, non-foaming formula protects pump parts
  • Fresh lemon scent
Vacusol™ Neutral 32 oz Bottle. Concentrate solution requires
1/2 oz of product per Operatory dilution.
ED900csVacusol™ Neutral Concentrate Case (4 – 32 oz. Bottles)
ED903csVacusol™ Neutral Concentrate Case(4 – 96 oz. Bottles)
ED906Vacusol™ Neutral Starter Kit includes 32 oz. Bottle & Easy 1-2-3 Atomizer

Vacusol Neutral SDS

Vacusol Neutral SDS