Purit™ Enz-it Powder

Purit™ Enz-it Powder
Purit™ Enz-it Powder enzymatic ultrasonic powder. Box contains 24 packets.

Directions for Use:

  1. Fill ultrasonic cleaning unit with water. Empty one packet per gallon of water into tank.  Activiate unit to dissolve powder
  2. Cleaning time is 1-5 minutes depending on volume and amount of debris
  3. Do not overload tank with items, instruments should be completely submersed
  4. Rinse instruments thoroughly after ultrasonic cleaning, drain and dry instruments prior to packaging for sterilization
  5. Change the solution daily or more frequently if heavily soiled
  6. See label for more information

Purit Enz-It Powder

Purit Enz-It Powder